First Click Media

First Click Media are a professional PPC online marketing agency that needed to stand out from the crowd so they approached us. What was required? Well branding, a responsive website & key messaging to boot – a site that needed to deliver on all levels with UX high on the list of priorities & conversion optimal.

The ‘monster’ idea was to develop a world – in which to define areas of their business, by relating each of the bespoke characters we created to ‘live’ in an area of online marketing. A continued success with the re-brand & website has First Click Media on track to even more first class results.


Mix M8

From initially being tasked to create a new brand & supporting brand guidelines for a ground breaking new mixing tool, G7uy’s involvement has been ongoing right up to date with the continued evolution of the brand.

Now becoming an international product recognised world wide the name Mix M8 is becoming even more far reaching along with support of marketing materials for print & online media, the finish and mix of our work & this brand is polished.